IT 101 – Why Do I Need a Web Designer?

There is no denying it, there is a lot of approaches to generate a website without hiring an expert. You can do it yourself with an internet website building service, so you are able to install website building software such as Dreamweaver, or it is possible to discover a tech-savvy buddy to do it for cheap or perhaps even at no cost. Why then, with each these choices, would a company consider hiring a professional website designer? Among the highest priorities of any company is to move prospective clients on the path of understanding and expecting you directly from the beginning. Your site is often the very first interaction customers have with your company and it is among the most effective tools available for reaching potential clients. Yet so many small business owners never understand the advantages of becoming skilled help with their site.

In this piece I will give my top 3 reasons to consider hiring a professional web designer, I will explore why so many companies opt not to hire a single, and I will explain to you how you may gain from this cosmic twist of destiny.

Top 3 Reasons to consider hiring a professional web designer

1. Return on investment

I place this reason near the peak of the list since I believe quite often these are the sorts of questions in a company owner’s head when they think about hiring an expert for whatever reason, not just website design. “How much does this price? Just how long can it take? Could I save money by doing this by locating the least expensive alternative?” Many men and women visit a site as only a hint or business card on the world wide web, they pay someone to put this up and the job is completed. Therefore it appears to make sense that if you’re able to set the sign yourself up or do it super economical, so much the better ? Wrong! Your site is the gateway to reaching more potential clients than you can any other manner (with no huge budget). The web has become the most effective advertising tool that is for companies of any size. Call Burke & Burke today.

It permits you to make a dialog with your clients and participate together on a more private level. Your site may build you an audience of people who are looking to hear from you! Your site isn’t merely a revenue soliloquy which you post online. You do not need to just throw it throw it up once you think that it’s completed, throw up your hands, and hope for the best. Yet most small companies do precisely that. Should you build your site yourself, the main point is you will probably spend a lot more time with much fewer results than if you hired an expert. Many individuals don’t realize exactly how much work needed to receive a productive small business site from concept and going to operate, looking great, and doing well on PCs, Macs, cellular devices, along with the abundance of internet browsers that operate on every one of these.

2. It is not only a site, it is your company! – SEO and Social Networks

Building a successful online presence goes much beyond simply building a site. Fantastic excellent content which helps somebody in some manner is undoubtedly the best approach to achieve more people, improve visitors, and increase your company. Your information also has to be simple to find ( search engine optimization ) and you have got to really have a presence on social networking websites if you would like to remain in contact with the current market. All this takes some time and should you construct your site all by yourself, then you are in for a few long hours in the computer. If you do not do it, then your most important clients might never find you. A company website isn’t only about a fashionable layout and incorporating some meta keywords for the search engines. Google has not used meta keywords for many years and search engines are always advancing in their capacity to come across sites with great, helpful, pertinent content. Any expert web designer worth their salt is going to have a strong working knowledge of search engine optimization (search engine optimization ) and the best way to put your site out in a concise and clear manner that is easy to read for both the people and search engines. Search engine optimization is a whole area of information on your own and should you build your site yourself, you probably spend sufficient time getting your website online without needing to learn SEO and all its complex,”money making” secrets.

3. Branding

Creating a fantastic first impression is an important aspect of success and your site is often the very first interaction between a possible customer and your organization. If even the tiniest thing on your site is away, missing, or badly implemented, you might be creating a poor first impression and pushing away potential clients. Even if your site works good, if it is not simple to grasp fast, your potential clients can get confused and leave. If your website isn’t optimized to be found in search engines, then they might never even know you exist. Nowadays customers are somewhat more tech-savvy than ever before. 

The Trouble with Web Designers

Together with everyone these wonderful reasons to employ a web designer why do so many companies decide to not do it? The problem with web designers is that nearly all of these are only web designers. They are techie folks, they are not advertising people. They have never worked in a sales and marketing environment and readily become obsessed with all the technical aspects of constructing a site instead of keeping your eye on the general objectives and requirements of the company proprietor. Your typical web designer considers the selling is all up to you and their job is just to generate a website. The outcome is that a lot of tiny companies which don’t have enough time to understand the intricacies of web design may be enticed from the unfeasibly low prices of ordinary web designers. The designer assembles them a site which looks fantastic stylistically, but it functions as little more than a hint online awaiting random passersby to view it. This ends up re-enforcing the impression that a site is not all that significant and leaves company owners using a false impression of what a site can do to them.

Ways to benefit

The fantastic thing is that most of your competitors will just opt for the deal and leave it at that. They’ll seek the services of a normal web designer or construct their own site. They’ll inevitably suffer the identical dismal results as everybody else that neglects to realize the worth of a successful site design. Quite a few of your opponents will be inclined to invest what is essential for achievement. If you do, you can acquire. This doesn’t mean that you have to get a massive budget and employ a huge design group to be successful. It merely means that if you are eager to go beyond the standard and put money into a professional internet design, you will be well ahead of the match.


Nearly all of my website customers had tried constructing their own sites or compensated bottom buck to get a designer before coming to me. A number of these had spent hours and tens of thousands of dollars in their own websites, but most of these finally realized that I am making for you today. If it comes to your small business site, it is worth it to hire a specialist.