Choosing the Right Home Building Service

Owner Builder Home Building Services provide special services that will assist you to construct your own home. In this Report, I’d like to focus on choosing the Proper Owner Builder Service. To learn more about what almost all of these services supply visit my Owner Builder Home Building Services article.

As most of you know I’m an advocate of building your own house. I built mine using construction contractors and did some of this work myself. That is my view is the ideal way to save money. However, several of you may not have the time or simply prefer using a service help you when constructing your dwelling. This strategy could possibly be the best of the two worlds for you saving money and using a professional service assist you. It’s true, you won’t save as much money, but it may be the best route for you.

Selecting the appropriate Owner Builder Service is paramount to the success of your new residential construction project. I would suggest doing the following:

  • Locate at least 3 home construction services that you feel fit your requirements and are at your budget. Ask up front for a list of charges.
  • Gather all of the information on every one of them prior to any assembly. Do a Google, MSN and Yahoo search engine lookup on each of the services. You would be surprised what will appear on businesses today in evaluation services online. See: Quality Home Builders Ontario |Reid’s Heritage Homes
  • Telephone the BBB, Chamber of Commerce and your community city, county and state authorities and ask about complaints that are exceptional and solved. Additionally, figure out if they are in good standing with those organizations.
  • As soon as you have discovered 3 that pass your initial inquiries and you’re satisfied they are good businesses, then go see them. Do not do so prior to doing some study. Don’t let fancy sites, brochures, and eloquent salesmanship influence you until you’ve got a number of that cold hard truth. Remember past performance equals future behavior. Should they have experienced serious trouble in the past you probably don’t want to bargain with them.
  • Don’t make a decision in the first sit down meeting with your own choices. Ensure you don’t sign anything and keep your options open until you have followed up with everyone and completed further study.

Here are some ideas for questions you Want to ask in your interview with potential Owner Builder Services:

  1. What do you charge for your services? Are the charges figured on a per square foot according to my residence? Are they guessed on total square footage (under roof) or living area? Or, can it be a flat fee? Will you provide me with a written record of your total fees?
  2. Do you supply house plans? Are the plans custom home plans which are drawn for you? What are the charges for these programs? Many alterations would you really get? What are fees for any alterations (if any)? Just how long will the plans take to get attracted (get this in writing)?) How many copies of this home plans do I get? Are you currently complete sets of plans covering each of the trades? What is my recourse when the plans are wrong?
  3. What kind of funding do you provide? Do you provide one-time closing choices? Do you operate all of your financings through one bank? Who’s that lender? What are the interest charges etc.. .and what is your commission for acting as my mortgage broker?
  4. Can you provide a licensed home building contractor checklist? If this is the case, do they operate just for you personally? Are they all bonded and insured? How big is your listing, would you have multiple contractors on your list in each trade? Can I preview the list on your office to inspect the dimensions of it until I register with you? What is going to happen when I have an issue with a builder? Will you talk with the builders and allow me to resolve my problems together?
  5. Do you come back to my construction site to give me advice and direction? How frequently do you come? Will you meet me there so that I will learn from your expertise? What exactly will you do to allow me to assemble my home, i.e. help me put out my base program, discuss framing problems, etc.?
  6. Can you provide assistance and support on the telephone, by facsimile or email? How exactly will you respond to me when I need you? Could I ask questions when I want to get them answered? Will there be a qualified building professional accessible for me to have the ability to speak to? What is the average response time?
  7. Are you currently, or anyone associated with you, ever been sued, personally or corporately? (If yes, then what were the names, date(s), of the individual(s) or businesses that were sued.) Can you carry professional liability insurance? May I please have a certificate of insurance issued by the carrier that states the quantity of the insurance? The insurance broker can fax it to your office.
  8. Can I have a copy of your client list both prior clients and current customers? If they are a reputable service they will be happy to offer you a listing of several of their clients for you to telephone and ask questions. Go back at least three decades.
  9. Can you provide written construction inspections during my building process and when I am finished building the house?

In your meeting with every home, building service requires great notes to be certain that you are able to go home and compare all to the other carefully. Compare apples to apples. Try and be as objective as you can be. Some services don’t obey you tape documenting the meetings and phone conversations. Keep a tough copy file of e-mails.